Thank you!

Team felloh! are forever grateful for the awesome support of the following people, who have volunteered their time and experience to help us launch and grow felloh!

Paul Horridge
Paul, along with John built our initial protoype around his fulltime job and being one of the most active people we know!
John Bradshaw
John, along with Paul, built our initial protoype during his time off between jobs and while looking after his daughter
Ananda Kurra
Ananda has been a great support to Ujwal with further development of the felloh! product & always a great soundingboard for techincal decisions
James Breadon
James has been a big part of the initial felloh! team before returning back to work full time. He supported the original thinking behind felloh!
Amanda Sharp
Amanda has helped felloh! with initial press releases and blogs. She's been another great set of eye on all we do
Sarah Bandurka
Sarah has committed a large amount of her time to felloh! over the last few months, bringing fantastic experience in brand, marketing and over all attention to detail
Charlie Fuller
With Ben, Charlie has been the creative brain behind the felloh! brand before starting the awesome Farringdon Furlough Club
Ben Gallagher
With Charlie, Ben has been the creative brain behind the felloh! brand and continues to help us keep it alive while returning to full-time work
Charlie Shepherd
Charlie has been a fantastic advisor to our founder, Will. Providing critical feedback and observations that have really helped us shape felloh!
Natalie Murray
Nat has been an all round super star in her legal support ensuring we are in tip top shape from a regulatory and compliance perspective. Nat is co-owner of Lawbox
Sam Wilde
Sam has provided his UX experience to help us design an awesome customer experience using felloh!
Scott Hutcheson
Software Engineer Scott has helped us to productionise our protoype, supporting Ujwal in our frontend build effort
Nick Gardner
Nick has been a guiding light in landing our brand positioning. A critical part of felloh! evolution