Terms of use

We are pleased to share with you our general terms of use for the felloh! website (also known as the User Terms but we like to call them our Terms).

Please read carefully.  These terms are important and apply to your use of the felloh! website.

Our terms will apply at all times when using the felloh! Website and any other linked programs. We will ask you to agree to them when you create your own account and when you create a fundraising page.

Our Terms will apply to anyone using the felloh! website, including:

  • A Charity or individual acting on behalf of a Charity;
  • Any individual user of the felloh! website; and / or
  • A person or entity making a donation via the felloh! website.

We try our best to make sure all the information you need is at your fingertips and, hopefully, easy to understand.  With that in mind, please do ask any questions you have and we will be pleased to help.

We thought it would be useful to provide a link to the following:

These are free and provided by the fundraising regulator, to help you out.  Please do read through them and feel free to ask any questions that you have.

Who we are:

We are felloh!  We like our name and our brand and we hope you do too!  However, for our legal identity, you may want to refer to Felloh Limited.  Our registered address is The Old Rectory, Main Road, Belton NG32 2LW.  
Our company number is 12601874.

Full terms

You will see, below a set of terms which govern our relationship with you.  As a user of our website, these are cleverly called User Terms.
It is important that we let you know that you will accept our Terms automatically by using our website. If you do not agree to these User Terms, you must not use our website.

The Parties

We have drafted these User Terms on the basis of providing you with some information on how our relationship will work.  With this in mind, these terms will apply to any of the following:

  • 1. A Charity or individual acting on behalf of a Charity;
  • 2. Any individual User of the felloh! website; and / or
  • 3. A person or entity making a donation via the felloh! website.

Please read these User Terms carefully (as these are terms drafted by us, we will now call them our Terms).

The General Terms

Our Terms will change every now and again, but we shall keep an up to date copy on our website.  Please do continue to refer to them throughout our relationship to make sure you are aware of the most up to date version.

If you need our Terms in a different format, please call us on 07768 952 199. We are open Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 5.30 pm. Calls will be charged at your service provider’s prevailing rate.

Alternatively, you can email us at hello@felloh.org.

Our Terms are between you and felloh! only and will not be applicable to any third party, or anyone else.  We do work with other organisations and / or charities who are registered in the UK; some of which have signed up to felloh!. Not all Charities are registered charities in the UK.  If there is any doubt about a Charity or other entity, it is your responsibility to check its authorisation status to satisfy yourself that it is appropriately authorised.

Our Website

Our Terms apply to your use of the felloh! Website, including where you set up an account and / or a fundraising page. If you are making a payment through the felloh! website, our Terms will still apply to you.  If you are a donor, please also refer to the terms at the bottom of these Terms, which will also apply to you.

Our Privacy Policy will apply at all times, a link is provided here for ease.
Please also find a link to our Cookie Policy here.

We have explained in greater detail in the Privacy Policy itself so please do take a look.  We do want to let you know that we may share some of your personal information with Charities and other third parties. Please let us know if this is a problem.

Using the felloh! website

You agree that you won’t post content or information on the felloh! website that:

  • breaks any law or encourages an illegal act;
  • is defamatory, abusive or offensive;
  • infringes the copyright, privacy, confidentiality or other right of any third party. If you use someone else’s personal information, material or image, you must make sure you have their permission;
  • contains surveys, raffles, lotteries, contests, pyramid schemes, advertisements or chain letters; or
  • contains software viruses or any other computer code, files or programs designed to affect the use of any computer software or hardware or telecommunications equipment.

You’re not allowed to remove or change anything on the felloh! website other than the content on your fundraising page. In addition, you can’t:

  • pretend to be someone else, or that you are associated with someone or something when you are not; or
  • use the felloh! website to send junk email or spam.

PLEASE NOTE that the content on the felloh! website is for general information only. It’s not intended to be advice for you to rely on so you should consider getting professional or specialist advice before acting on it.

Although we remove any unlawful or offensive content, this can only happen once we are aware of it.  We don’t verify or approve any content or information that is created by other users and/or Charities and we can’t take responsibility for it. The views expressed by other users and Charities are their own views so they won’t always reflect our views and values.

The felloh! website will sometimes link to other websites. We don’t have control over those websites and we’re not responsible for them (including their data policies, content, and security).

Your Account

If you decide to create an account, you will need to include your personal details and set up a password and security.  You must not share your password or login details with anyone else. If your password or details are compromised or used without your permission, you must change your password and/or login details as soon as possible.

We’ll use the details on your account if we need to contact you.  If you want to close your account, at any time, please contact us.  We’ll close your account if you’ve not used it for seven years but will hold your account up to that point as an inactive account if you don’t use it regularly.

Your Fundraising Page

In order to set up a fundraising page, you’ll need to create an account.  The creation of a fundraising page on the felloh! website doesn’t mean that we or the Charity support or endorse your fundraising activity. If you’re not sure, you can check with the Charity that your chosen activity is acceptable.

We can close your fundraising page at the request of the Charity or for any other reason at our own discretion.


While we try to ensure that the felloh! website is always available, we can’t guarantee that the felloh! website or any content on it will always be available. For example, there may be times when our website, or parts of the website, are temporarily unavailable due to planned maintenance.

We can suspend your access to the felloh! website, and/or your account at our discretion. In particular, we can do this if we suspect that your security or login details are being misused.

Who ownes the infomation on the felloh! website?

You own all of the content and information you post on the felloh! website. In order for the felloh! website to work properly for you, you agree to the following:

  • For content that is covered by intellectual property rights, like photos and videos that you post on or in connection with felloh! (what we like to call, the IP Content), you give felloh! permission to use the IP Content anywhere in the world, forever and without charge and you give felloh! permission to edit the IP Content. You also agree that felloh! can transfer or give permission to use and/or edit the IP Content to another party; and
  • You can ask us to stop using the IP Content by contacting us after you have deleted it from  your account (except to the extent your content has been shared with others, and they have not deleted it). When you delete (or you ask us to delete) the IP Content, it is deleted in a manner similar to emptying the recycle bin on a computer. You understand that removed content may persist in backup copies for a reasonable period of time (but will not be available to others).

Otherwise, we own or have permission to use all of the intellectual property rights on the felloh! website and in the material published on them which includes (but isn’t limited to) information, designs, graphics and their layout.

You DO HOWEVER need written permission from us before you:

  • use any part of the felloh! Content for commercial purposes;
  • copy, reproduce or download all or any part of the felloh! content.

If you don’t get written permission first, you must return or destroy any copies of the felloh! Content you have made if we ask you to.

Can we change the felloh! terms?

Just to let you know that we may change our Terms because of changes in technology or the systems we use; to meet our legal or regulatory obligations; to make them clearer or more favourable to you or to correct errors; and to introduce or remove services or to reflect changes to the way in which the felloh! website is managed.

We won’t give you notice but you’ll be able to find the most up-to-date version on the felloh! website.

Anything else

You use the felloh! website at your own risk. We are not liable for any loss or damage which you may suffer through the use of felloh! website. Nothing in our Terms is meant to limit our responsibility more than the law allows us to.

If you break our Terms (or those relating solely to your donation), or we consider it necessary we can stop you from using all or part of the felloh! Website (including closing your account) and delete any content that you have posted. We can also cancel any future regular donations.

No one other than you and us will be able to enforce any part of our Terms.

If, for any reason there is a dispute between us in relation to our Terms English law applies to our Terms and the courts of England and Wales will handle any disputes.

If we don’t deliver the standard of service you expect or if you think that we have made a mistake, at any time, email us at hello@felloh.org.  We will, of course, investigate and, if necessary, take action to put things right.

Making a donation

You will need to agree to our Terms every time you make a single donation or set up a new regular donation through the felloh! website.  

You’ll also need to agree if you’re making a donation through another website that we work with to send money to Charities (ask us for more details on those websites).

You can make three types of payments to Charities:

  • Single donation – you can make a single donation through the felloh! website as a one-off donation that we’ll ask your bank to send to us straight away. Or you make one through another website that we work with to send money to Charities by following their instructions.
  • Regular donation – a regular donation to a Charity made through the felloh! website using a Direct Debit. This means that we’ll ask your bank to send the donation amount to us each month on the day you agreed when setting up your regular donation.
  • Event fee – payment of fees to enter into an event, like a marathon, using the felloh! website. When you pay the event fee, you’ll enter into a contract directly with the Charity. We’re not responsible for the event and you should contact the Charity with any questions about the arrangements.

In order to make a donation or pay an event fee through the felloh! website, you’ll need to select the correct Charity or fundraising page and, following that, will be prompted to provide your personal details, including the details of your donation.

WE ASK YOU TO check that the details are correct, including the donation and that the name of the Charity is correct.

When making a donation, you may be asked to confirm whether you want us to submit a claim for Gift Aid on behalf of the Charity. PLEASE NOTE THAT you are solely responsible for confirming that your donation meets the criteria necessary to submit a Gift Aid claim. We can’t give financial or tax advice so you should seek advice from HMRC or your own adviser if you are not sure. We won’t try to claim Gift Aid on any platform and payment processing fees that you are choosing to pay for the Charity.

As soon as you confirm a single donation through the felloh! website, we’ll request the money from your bank. Once we receive confirmation that your payment has been authorised, we’ll confirm on the next page and email you. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to double check these details to make sure they are right.

As soon as you confirm a regular donation on the felloh! website, we’ll provide confirmation to you on the next page and email it to you. AS ABOVE, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to double check these details to make sure they are right. Each month, we’ll ask your bank to send the payments to us on the date that you set.

We only accept payments through the felloh! website in pounds sterling. If you make a donation in a different currency, your bank will convert the amount into pounds sterling in accordance with your agreement with them.
When we receive the money for the Charity, we’ll hold it on trust for them until we pay it to them every week in accordance with our agreement with them.

Where a donation is made through felloh!, and you choose to pay the platform and payment processing fees on behalf of the Charity, we’ll request the money from your bank

We may decide not to process a donation if we reasonably suspect that (i) you aren’t permitted to use the felloh! website under our Terms; (ii) the donation is illegal or is related to fraudulent activities; (iii) the donation hasn’t been properly authorised; and / or (iv) the information about the donation isn’t correct or is incomplete.

If we can’t pay your donation or event fee to the Charity or if we reasonably feel that it’s not appropriate to (for example, they’ve been deregistered by the Charity Commission) then we’ll try to refund you using the same payment method you used or arrange return of the money.  If you used another website that we work with to send money to Charities, we’ll arrange the return of the money with the other website.

If we can’t return the money, we will either notify the Charity Commission for England and Wales (or any other regulator outside of England and Wales) in the case of a registered charity, or, if not registered, donate it to another charitable or community organisation that we choose.

If you discover that you have made a mistake when making a donation, please contact us straight away on 07768 952 199 or hello@felloh.org and we will try to help you out.  There may be occasions where this will not be possible (if, for example, we’ve already paid the money to the Charity).

If your bank details are used fraudulently or without your permission, please contact us straight away.

PLEASE NOTE THAT WE CAN’T GUARANTEE how a Charity will use donation.  It is their responsibility (not ours) to ensure that any donations are used in accordance with any static purpose or specific fundraising appeal.  If you want to know more, you should contact the Charity directly.