Our team

We’re on a mission to redistribute £1bn of bad costs to good causes.

felloh! was born out of the madness of furlough. We found ourselves in the position of having a unique group of skills and an unusual amount of time on our hands.

Now a bunch of passionate people with too much time on their hands aren't going to stay still for long. We all know our stuff in the world of finance, technology and innovation & after our founder, Will, had a lightning bolt moment (note he has about 50 of these a day!) it seemed crazy not to see what we could do together.

After about 2 minutes on the phone, Will had Claire & Sharon onboard and eager to get going. Claire soon roped in Ujwal from their days of working together at Barclays.

We all wanted something more than just a job, we wanted to create something that was really making a difference and we all felt passionate about being part of.

Within a matter of weeks, we had produced a working prototype. Before much longer we had a live version out in the wild generating savings for businesses and sending more money to the places that need it most.

We are all so excited to see where we go next...

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” - Margaret Mead

Our values

😄 We believe in a better society

We built felloh! in order to contribute towards creating a better society. 

All of the felloh! team are passionate about making a difference, we know we can’t solve all of society’s problems but we know where our skills and expertise absolutely can.  We continually challenge ourselves and each other to ensure what we are doing is right for society.

This also means we take care of each other and our customers, after all, we are all part of the felloh!s that make up society.

⚖️ We treat everyone fairly

We ensure we are fair in the way we treat all of the people who work for us and with us. 

We have transparent fees, which we aim to keep as simple as possible. The fees we charge ensure we can be a sustainable business here to support you and our wider purpose of improving society. 
We don’t think it’s fair to offer a fee that means we won’t exist in 6 months.  

We are fair in the way we pay our team - simple as that. We treat people equally without favouritism or discrimination.

🏃 We are restless for change

We believe this is just the beginning for felloh! There will always be more that we can do & we are committed to taking on that challenge.

We commit to never settling for the status quo, we will continually strive to provide the best possible solutions and we will do that as a team.

We are hungry for more, frustrated at the current solutions and driven to implement change. We aren’t afraid of risks because that’s what comes with rapid change 

🏆 We champion technology for good

We know there is so much possibility out there and with the growth of communities in open banking, B Corporations and beyond we are committed to play a key role in driving the future of technology for good.
You will find our founder, Will, on panels and steering committees discussing these very topics.

Team felloh! are innovators at heart and are always willing to lend our experience & wild imaginations to any businesses who are looking for ways to use technology for good. 

The team

Will Bicknell

Serial entrepreneur, Chief Innovation Officer at fintech Oakbrook

The man who never stays still
Claire Lowry-Hubball
Fintech Agile Delivery guru - Oakbrook & Barclays

Pretty handy hockey player too, ex Wales!
Ujwal Bhagwat
Tech Lead
Java engineer - Barclays, Worldpay and BBC.

Travel enthusiast with a passion for photography
Sharon Ray
Oxford Maths grad. Research and insights expert with Barclaycard, Ikano & Oakbrook

Wildlife lover and supporter

Our thanks

We are exceptionally lucky to have received the support of friends, old and new, to get felloh! off the ground and we'd like to thank all of those awesome felloh!s, we wouldn't be here without you!

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