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goodfellohs! is our consulting arm.

Pull up a chair and tell us what the problem is.
We build unique solutions for clients.
You can tap into our in-depth knowledge.  

We are a group of fintech innovators, thinkers and doers, designers, lawyers & builders who get to the heart of the issue and rapidly develop elegant working solutions.

Whether it’s just a day or a few months you need, please get in touch and tell us the problem you are trying to solve.

Kind of stuff we make

We have dreamt up and built loads of cool solutions,
just imagine what problems we could solve for your


Find a car then finance, or finance then a car.... both suck so we made it possible to instantly search through 10s of thousands of cars all priced up for your credit score.

Pay with felloh!

We believe that paying online is too expensive for retailers and typically disjointed so we made it altogether better.

Credit cards are evil, leaving you trapped in debt. We imagined and built a better way called Putty that teaches you to save so you can borrow flexibly and still repay!

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