Why is felloh! better for

felloh! strips out unnecessary payment processing costs (currently between 1-3%),  while helping you deliver on your corporate social responsibility. With felloh! a portion of the fees are passed to charities as a funding channel - so you can help the causes that matter most to you, or support those already onboard with us.

Solutions for businesses

  • Payment button
  • Customise payment journeys
  • Integrate directly with our APIs
  • Add recurring payments - coming soon

and more....



A simple payment journey.

Choose to pay or donate
Choose your bank
Securely transfer to your bank app & login
Approve payment


At felloh! we're passionate about keeping costs down in a fair and sustainable way. That's why we have an easy-to-understand flat fee structure - no percentages here!
We also won't go increasing costs if you start making a larger number of transactions.

Hint - our fee is always 35p - simple!

Payment value
Hosting costs
Customised journey
Payment fee

Your 35p makes us a sustainable business, plus 10p of every 35p gets donated to charity. As a social enterprise we promise at least 50% of all our profits will also be donated to charity.



  • FCA regulated
  • Funds are held in an escrow account in your business name
  • Consumers connect securely to their internet or mobile banking to make a payment 
  • No personal details are disclosed so no PCI requirements

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Felloh! has been built on the latest technology in Open Banking.

Open Banking has the power to revolutionise the way we move, manage and make more of our money. Find out how felloh! are leveraging Open Banking

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