Our mission is to transfer £1bn from costs to donations for charities by revolutionising the world of payments with a social focus.

Read on to find out more about who we are and why we are on this mission

Our Story

Bring a bunch of ambitious furloughed finance and tech experts together, add a sprinkling of innovation and give them a mission - turning £1 billion worth of online payment costs into charity funding.

The result is felloh! - our bid to revolutionise online payments in an altogether better way for businesses and charities.

We’re Will, Claire, Ujwal, James, Sharon and Ananda. We know our stuff in the world of finance, technology and innovation, but we’re also passionate about social enterprise and restless for a new challenge.

Doing something about all the wasted cash that gets gobbled up in payment processing costs seemed like the perfect way to spend our days.

Our Principles

Build a better society
Treat everyone fairly
Be restless for change

Meet the team

Will Bicknell
Serial entrepreneur, Chief Innovation Officer at fintech Oakbrook

The man who never stays still
Claire Lowry-Hubball
Fintech Agile Delivery guru - Oakbrook & Barclays

Pretty handy hockey player too, ex Wales!
Ujwal Bhagwat
Tech Lead
Java engineer - Barclays, Worldpay and BBC.

Travel enthusiast with a passion for photography
Sharon Ray
Oxford Maths grad. Research and insights expert with Barclaycard, Ikano & Oakbrook

Wildlife lover and supporter
James Breadon
Fintech market development - Oakbrook, Modulr & Trans Union

Champion chilli eater
Ananda Kurra
Java Developer
Java Engineer - Barclays, MoneySuperMarket & RBS

Chasing the dream...