Air traffic control for travel payments

The simple and compliant way to process and reconcile travel payments

What we do?

We have built a bunch of payments solutions to get you going out of the box. If you are a developer and want to dig around, here are the API docs and you can sign up for keys here.

💸 Collect payments

We make is easy for you to build smooth payment collection into your journeys.

Cards, Wallets, Direct Debits and Open Banking (Bank Transfer) all optimised to delight and convert your customers.

🏦 Store & reconcile

Once the payments have arrived we can securely store, split them, move them and maintain the link to the original payment to make reconciliation a piece of cake.

Perfect for marketplaces who need to split payments between multiple parties.

🔀 Instant pay out

Make instant payout to any UK and European bank accounts.

Apply rules via our API to control who approves the disbursal, where and when it goes.

🏗️ Need something unique?

We love building bespoke solutions, removing customer pain and designing elegant, legally compliant solutions, find out more here.

Why felloh!?

👍🏽 Own your payments

We make payments fit your unique user journeys, we don't force cookie cutter solutions.

We will also work with you to design the most cost effective solution so you can improve your margins.

🌠 Work at startup speed

We are restless for change. We were born agile. We use our knowledge to create new solutions to old problems.

See if you can break us!

🔐 Safe & compliant

Collecting and storing money is highly regulated for good reasons.

We only provide solutions that satisfy current regulations and have been signed off by our legal team.

❤️ Deliver social impact

We think business should be more than just about profit, as a pending B-Corp, we consider the impact of our decisions on our workers, customers, suppliers, community and the environment. For example we are committed to giving 5% or more of our time pro-bono to registered charities, if that is you please get in touch here.

We want felloh! to be a force for good even if that means we won't work with companies that don't share our values and that means we grow more slowly.